Meet Lizzy...

Lizzy Zander is not looking forward to the summer before sixth grade. For starters, she has to move to a new city where she knows absolutely no one. Making things even worse is her dad and his stupid M.S.


Until the Ocean Freezes (for ages 8-12) was inspired by my own family and our experiences with disability. My husband, Marc, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (M.S.), a progressive neurological disease, before our kids were born. Although they grew up surrounded by lots of love, their dad’s illness definitely shaped their lives.



Here are some quick facts about me:

  • ​In my writing, I capture the quiet, joyful, heartbreaking moments of adolescence.

  • Although I have been writing my entire life, this is my first novel.

  • I love animals, especially my dog, Spencer, and elephants.

  • My favorite color is red.

  • I have an identical twin sister (who drew the inside sketches in my book).

  • I love to cook, practice yoga, tackle jigsaw puzzles, and explore new neighborhoods.

  • I read every chance I get and especially enjoy the works of middle grade authors like  Jennifer Blecher, Ashley Herring Blake, Meg Medina, Rebecca Stead, Kate DiCamillo, Dan Gemeinhart, Melissa Roske, Janae Marks, Esther Ehrlich, Alicia D. Williams, and Judy Blume (and so many others!).

  • I am working on another book, a sequel to Until the Ocean Freezes! Do you think Lizzy will like School of Tomorrow?


For more information about M.S., visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice.

"The author handles Lizzy’s very real feelings about her dad’s disease with great care while deftly portraying the other hurdles, such as peer pressure and fitting in, that make up the daily lives of most adolescents.​" -Kirkus Reviews