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"A preteen navigates the big and small challenges of life in this debut novel...."

"Clemans does an excellent job tackling the issues, both large and small, and the accompanying range of emotions that Lizzy is facing. The author handles Lizzy’s very real feelings about her dad’s disease with great care while deftly portraying the other hurdles, such as peer pressure and fitting in, that make up the daily life of most adolescents. The author’s narrative, particularly appropriate for tweens who are struggling with upheavals in their lives or families, also features a diverse cast of characters. Lizzy, with pale skin and freckles, envies Cassie’s “gorgeous skin…like coffee ice cream.” Funny emails from Lizzy to her friends back in New Jersey and sweet sketches help provide a window into the girl’s world. A well-written tale for tweens that may spark conversations about dealing with crucial changes."  The full review is here. 


"A gem of an upper elementary/middle level book...."


This book has heart. It is tender and endearing. Readers will love the characters and root for their happy endings. I hope we get a sequel so we can find out how Lizzy does at her new school!" The full review is here.



  • “Lizzy's story is warm, compassionate, and enlightening about how a family remains functional and happy while dealing with the disability of the husband and father.”


  • “An authentic read that will make you want to catch up with Lizzy again in the future.”


  • “[The author] reveals simple truths through her characters making the story not only heartfelt but ‘real.’”


  • “I loved Until The Ocean Freezes! It was a relatable story with incredible characters. Lizzy is an inspirational character who shows an amazing relationship with her family and friends.”


  • “The author skillfully weaves together dialogue and narrative that draws us close to Lizzy as she navigates all her challenges during this summer before sixth grade. The themes of friendship, family, courage, identity, and acceptance resonated across this book and left me with wanting to read more.”


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