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For Eliza "Lizzy" Zander, two things make the summer before sixth grade even more challenging: her family moves away from the only home she has ever known and her father's multiple sclerosis gets worse. Lizzy copes with feelings of fear, anger, and loneliness until she meets Cassandra, an exuberant girl with no shortage of confidence or mystery. She'll need both her family and new friendships to help her figure out where in this crazy world she belongs.


Without Cassie by her side, Lizzy doesn’t know how she will survive sixth grade at School of Tomorrow. It’s not fair that her best friend goes to a different school and that her mom made them move to New York City in June. The first day is miserable until Fateema enters her orbit. For a moment, Lizzy is able to forget her troubles at home, troubles that are only getting worse. Lizzy’s dad, who has multiple sclerosis, becomes very sick very fast. Can Lizzy somehow find her way and stay true to herself?

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